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2021 Scheduled Recreational Flows for Pit River and North Fork Feather (CA)

Posted: 03/11/2021
By: Theresa Simsiman

After Pacfic Gas & Electric (PG&E) skunked over 80 boaters showing up on for the Pit 1 Fall River Mills release last October, American Whitewater called for a meeting to clarify the utilities hydropower license obligations to inform the public regarding whitewater boating flow schedules and other river flow information. We are happy to report that these protocols have been reaffirmed and we have confirmed 2021 flows for the Pit River as follows:


Pit 1

October 2, 3, 16 & 17

Pit 5

August 7 & 8

September 11 & 12


On the North Fork Feather PG&E will provide paddlers recreational flows on the fourth weekend of July, August & September:

NF Feather Rock Creek

July 24 & 25

August 28 & 29

September 25 & 26 (COVID willing Feather Festival)


Keep in mind that collabratively American Whitewater continues to navigate the latest phase of COVID and dates are subject to change. Also, we are waiting for the water year type determinations to confirm scheduled dates for SF American Slab Creek, SF Silver Creek below Icehouse, NF Feather Poe, NF Mokelumne Devil’s Nose, Tiger Creek and Electra so stay tuned.

Photo by Dave Steindorf Pit 5 Sneak Peek





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