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The Nolichucky Needs You Again (NC/TN)

Posted: 03/12/2021
By: Kevin Colburn

The Nolichucky Gorge needs you again! Even if you have written to your elected officials in the past about the Noli, it is time to do so again


The area has several new Senators and Representatives that have never heard from the public about designating the Nolichucky as a Wild and Scenic River. They need to hear from you to learn about the river and your feelings on designation. 


At the same time, the new Congress is setting state and national level priorities and the Nolichucky does not yet have a bill to designate it as a Wild and Scenic River. The next two years mark an incredible opportunity to designate the Noli as the region’s next Wild and Scenic River, but first a designation bill needs to be introduced. Personal letters and calls will be key to getting a bill introduced. There are over 6,400 miles of Wild and Scenic River bills in Congress right now, and the Noli deserves to be among them. 


The Wild and Scenic proposal would designate only the 7.2-mile Nolichucky Gorge flowing solely through public Forest Service lands. It would have no impact on upstream or downstream private lands, including farming on those lands, and would not facilitate designation of additional sections of the Noli. Still, a misinformation campaign has claimed otherwise and caused limited but vocal opposition, threatening the designation efforts. 


Congress needs to hear from river enthusiasts, now more than ever, that the Nolichucky Gorge is an incredible place and deserves prompt Wild and Scenic designation. If you are local to the river, please consider writing your county commissioners and/or a Letter to the Editor about the values of designation. 


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Personal letters with a bit about yourself, and calls are best! Take action HERE

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