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October Volunteers of the Month Presented by Kokatat

Posted: 10/20/2020
By: Theresa Simsiman

American Whitewater members Vance Harris, Nate O'Connor, Cameron O'Connor, and Dominic Judd are humble heroes. While camping on their way to the recreational releases on Pit 5, these young men took action to prevent another wildfire from burning out of control in Northern California.  

After not quite making it to the Pit River Madesi campground, our intrepid boaters set up camp off of Hagen Flat Road by Tunnel Reservoir. Right as they were settling down, they witnessed a local's trailer burst into flames. Jumping into action they piled in their van and sped down the road to the Cal Fire Station on Big Bend Road. They roused the fire Chief who didn't quite know what to think of the paddlers at his doorstep, but he rallied his fire crew anyway to put out the flames. Phew!!!

For their part in helping to stop another wildfire and as a big American Whitewater THANK YOU we are proud to name these paddlers as our Kokatat Volunteers of the Month. They each will receive a Kokatat Dirtbag Gear Bag.

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