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Fordyce Creek (CA) Spring Boating Opportunity

Posted: 05/27/2021
By: Theresa Lorejo-Simsiman

Pacific Gas and Electric reached out to American Whitewater with an opportunity for boating flows on Fordyce Creek. We took the chance to respond to PG&E and communicate preferred paddling flows. Thus, in good faith, PG&E is planning to open the outlet at Fordyce on Wednesday June 2. There is a good chance by the weekend (Saturday June 4) flows will be approximately 400 cfs and will persist in this range for at least the first few days. Flows will then drop from there and should stay in the range of 350 cfs until June 13..


A quick check with the PG&E operator at Fordyce has confirmed that the Spaulding day use area and campground will open. Local paddler, Trevor Tanoff, was kind enough to get out on the ground to survey conditions. He reports the following:


“The lake is about 2/3 to 3/4 full so first couple of days of the release should provide for decent head pressure on the valve. The road is really rough from the pass down, roughly 6 miles up the dirt road.  High clearance, 4x4 only as its still rally wet and muddy to. There was already a lot of PG& E related traffic as I passed 4 big trucks going up there this evening.”


American Whitewater appreciates the information that PG&E is willing to share regarding opportunities on Fordyce Creek. We will stay in contact and report out any changes or beta that comes our way. Make your #paddlewise plans and enjoy!


Photo provided by Trevor Tanhoff - Darin McQuoid at Rotator Cuff

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