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Tell New Larimer County Commissioners how Important a Healthy Poudre River Is

Posted: 02/11/2021
By: Hattie Johnson

In August, we asked our members to take action to help protect flows in the Cache La Poudre (CO). The County Commission was analyzing the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) for its adherence to the Larimer County Land Use code under an application for a 1041 permit. Despite the 203 letters from our supporters and the majority of all comments raising concerns about the project, the Commission voted 2-1 to approve the permit.


Since then, the November election results replaced the two Commissioners who cast the votes approving NISP. The newly elected Commissioners Kristin Stephens and Jody Shadduck-McNally assumed office this month and could choose to reconsider the decision made by their predecessors. American Whitewater staff and members provided both written and oral testimony detailing the impacts NISP would have on the viability of the Poudre River through Fort Collins, particularly at the newly completed whitewater park. We hope that new leadership in the County will recognize the value of healthy flows in the Poudre and protect them.


Use this link to an easy action letter form to respectfully ask the new Larimer County Commission to reconsider the decision made before they took office.  Adding a personal note or anecdote to your letter always goes a long way, but please remember to be friendly and respectful. None of these Commissioners previously approved the project and would appreciate kind and sincere feedback.

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