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5th Annual Lyons Outdoor Games

Posted: 04/27/2007
by Nathan Fey

 Formerly known as the Lyons Whitewater Festival, L.O.G. has expanded from the pure kayaking events dominant at its inception.    This year’s kayaking events will include down river racing, boater X, amateur and pro freestyle, and the 2007 addition of a creek race [creeking is different from freestyle or down river in that an individual is kayaking down a narrow riverbed that is rated class V or V+].   Also this year LOG will host a Bike Trials competition. [Trials is a bike event in which competitors jump their bikes onto stationary objects – often on just one wheel- through an obstacle course without letting their feet touch the ground.  Obstacles can include dry creek beds, boulders in and out of water, railings, stairs and stumps.]   And for those not so athletically gifted (but with pets who are), the ever-popular Dog Trick competition.

The goal of the organizers of LOG is to create an outdoor event that is attractive to a wide range of people, both as competitors and spectators.  It is different from some of the more widely publicized “extreme sports” venues for many reasons.  The eclectic nature of the town itself may have been part of the inspiration.  They wanted to create a venue where “cross cultural” sports are present, as well as a wide range of skill level.  If you want to participate, you can.  Beginners are encouraged to join in.  Although both Olympic and professional athletes (EJ, Dane and Emily Jackson [from Team Jackson], Team Dagger, Team Wave Sport, Team Riot, Scott Shipley, Gary Lacy, and other top paddlers as well as Ripstoke on bike) will be showing their best moves this year, the organizers want to expose these sports to the “regular Joe/Jill.”  There’s no snobbery here.  The pros are excited to expand the sport and eagerly interact with lesser skilled individuals and spectators.  Professional teams are planning on being available for instruction and skills classes during the day.  The presence of the Dog Trick competition just makes it that much more accessible to the general sporting enthusiast.  There is a lot of fun and camaraderie amongst all who attend, no matter what capacity.  The folks who put this event together just want to have a diverse group of people exposed to a diverse range sports and the joy that the cross-cultural companionship brings.

Although LOG had 75 competitors and 500 spectators last year with little to no advertising, this year there will be national exposure through publications and advertising.  The organizers have had tremendous response from major sponsors who will be present at the games, and there will be many prizes (cash and retail) for each event as well as good shwag to be raffled off to spectators.  Saturday night, Oskar Blues is hosting an after party open to all to keep that spirit going.

To register online please go to  If you have any questions please call Lyons Parks and Recreation at  303-823-8250 or email
Colorado Stewardship Director
Nathan Fey
1601 Longs Peak Ave.
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-859-8601

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