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2007 Pit 1 Release Schedule (CA)

Posted: 07/17/2007
by Dave Steindorf

The Pit 1 reach of the Pit River, from Fall River Mills to highway 299, will have releases again this summer.   Many people got on this run for the first time last summer and found it to be a great class III/ IV run.  This years releases will be for one weekend in June, July and August.  This year dates are:
•    June 23-24
•    July 21-22
•    August 18-19
Because this is a dry year flows will be 1000 cfs or whatever is the available inflow to the project, this could be as low as 800 cfs.  This will be a great option in a dry year like this one.  
If you choose to put-in at Big Eddy Estates please be advised that this road crosses a private easement and we all need to be on our best behavior driving down this road and at the put-in.  Aside from the obvious this means bringing the fewest number of cars possible to the put-in.  We expect these releases to be very popular and we want to avoid having large numbers of cars at the put-in.
American Whitewater is working with PG&E to develop an additional put-in location a short ways up stream from Big Eddy.  In addition to providing access to the whitewater run, this location will also provide a great flat-water paddling opportunity.  Releases on the Pit, the Feather and the Mokelumne are happening because of American Whitewaters hard work in California over the past ten     years.  If you are supporting our efforts we thank you!  If you are not, you need to!  Join Today.
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