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New Cheoah Forest Service Put-in Good To Go

Posted: 08/27/2007
by Mark Singleton

The new Forest Service put-in on the Cheoah River is now ready for private boater access during the fall releases on September 1st and November 3rd. NCDOT has installed small signs that show a rafter and say "Whitewater" on US 129 and the roads that lead to the put-in which is just below the dam.

There is no cost for parking only for use of the river. Forest Service bracelets must still be bought at one of the local vendors (Joann's Grocery & O'Henrys parking) for two dollars. Money generated from bracelet sales goes back to the Forest Service for ongoing management of the Cheoah River. There will be no bracelets sales at the new put-in. A private boater drop off area is located near near the ramp and the parking will be at the end of the road. There is a small area before the parking lot for vehicle turn around for people who are getting dropped off. The Forest Service will determine if any changes are needed to better manage traffic flow after some initial use.

On Saturday, Sept 1 the high flow event will happen between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.