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Survey to Direct Funding to Roads, Trails, and Rivers

Posted: 02/03/2009
by Kevin Colburn

After passing in the House, an economic stimulus bill totalling $800 billion dollars is heading for the Senate. This massive stimulus package hopes to put three million people to work on short-term projects that will have lasting benefits. If passed, this bill will allocate over $3 billion dollars of funding to federal land management agencies—the same agencies that manage many of our country's most treasured whitewater rivers. These agencies, including US Park Service, US Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management, will spend the stimulus money on construction and restoration projects such as road, trail, and river access area maintenance. This is our opportunity to make suggestions regarding how and where this funding should be spent, and to help these agencies prioritize projects that will benefit enjoyment of our public lands and rivers.


We need your input on potential projects

American Whitewater has joined forces with other members of the Outdoor Alliance to compile a list of infrastructure projects that are important to the active outdoor recreation community. We will put this list in front of the federal land management agencies during upcoming trips to Washington, D.C. to provide guidance on how to spend this stimulus money in the most efficient and meaningful way.


We need to hear from you! This is your chance to propose a project or highlight a physical problem with a federally managed road, trail, river, or landscape in your back yard that needs increased financial support. Suggested projects can include the design of new river access areas or trails, maintenance or removal of existing roads or bridges, remediation of abandoned mine sites, and stream restoration projects. Projects must be on federal lands, and must be physical construction or restoration projects.  Please take the following survey and provide as much information as possible. 

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Kevin Colburn
Asheville, NC