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Hoosic Release on the Way

posted April 17, 2009
by Kevin Colburn

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It is time once again for the Whitewater Release at Brookfield's Schaghticoke Development on the Hoosic River (Schaghticoke, NY).  The release alternates each year between a Wednesday release and a Saturday release following April 15, and the release in 2009 is to occur on the Saturday schedule (i.e., from 1 - 4PM).  The release requires that adequate flows be available in the Hoosic River (i.e., > 1,200), so as not to result in excessive drawdown of the Schaghticoke impoundment. 


Flows in the Hoosic are currently running at 1,000 cfs and dropping, and it has been obvious since late last week that sufficient flow was not going to be available to provide the release tomorrow (i.e., April 18).  Per the terms of the Settlement, if insufficient flow is available, the release is to be postponed a week (ongoing), meaning the release is now "tentatively" scheduled for next Saturday, April 25, from 1 - 4 PM.  Once again, this will be dependent on river flows being above 1,200 cfs (as measured at Eagle Bridge), which is questionable at this point depending on rainfall amounts over the coming week.

A release will be provided on the next saturday on which flows at the Eagle Bridge Gage

exceed 1,200 cfs. 

All boaters who participate will be required to sign in and complete a liability waiver, which will be available from Brookfield staff at the put-in access.  The access is located off of Main St. near it's intersection with Mill St./2nd St. in downtown Schaghticoke, NY.
American Whitewater negotiated these releases, and we hope that paddlers enjoy them.
Kevin Colburn
Missoula, MT
Phone: 406-543-1802

Associated Rivers

Hoosic [NY]

Associated Projects

  • Hoosic River (NY)
    American Whitewater negotiated recreational releases on a bypassed reach of the Hoosic River near Albany New York that contains both Class III and Class V opportunities.