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3rd Annual South Platte Clean-up - Colorado

Posted: 04/23/2009
by Nathan Fey



To utilize the shuttle: show up at Grant Frontier Park before 9:00 as registration begins and unload your boats and bikes.

Please be quick about unloading here as space is limited.

Then drive to City of Cuernavaca park, where you can leave your vehicle and catch the Outward Bound bus back to the put-in.

Grant Frontier Park is located just south of Evans on South Platte River Drive East at 2190 S Platte River Dr, Denver, CO, 80223

CLICK HERE for a map to the park and driving directions.

City of Cuernavaca park is located NE of Platte St and 20th St at 3500 Rockmont Dr, Denver, CO, 80202

CLICK HERE for a map to the park.


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