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Slim Ray's River Rescue Back In Print

Posted: 04/27/2009
by Charles Walbridge

River Rescue is back in print! The 4th edition of Slim Ray’s authoritative reference for  whitewater paddlers is better than ever. There’s lots of new material in its 292 fact-filled pages. Here's where you can find the tools and techniques you'll need to deal with any emergency. The book covers self-rescue and rescue of others by hand, boat, rope, and  more It includes sections on leadership, teamwork, patient care, evacuation, and more. You'll see new photos and first-hand accounts of rescues and an expanded section on big-water rescue. Price is $24.95 + $4 s/h. The easiest way is to go to the web site, where you can use your credit card.


Slim Ray, CFS Press; 8 Pelham Road, Asheville, NC 28803; 828-505-2917;