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West River Releases June 27,28!

Posted: 06/25/2009
by Kevin Colburn

There will be a release from Ball Mountain Dam on the West River this weekend to manage reservoir levels. Ramping will start late Friday (6/26/2009) afternoon. Flows are expected to be 1500 cfs all day Saturday and most of Sunday (definitely in the morning).

The gate at the dam will be open and Jamaica Park is open.

Enjoy paddling the West in warm weather!

American Whitewater is working with regional paddling clubs and local businesses to develop a collaborative relationship with the managers of the West River. The Army Corps of Engineers operates the dam with guidance from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. These agencies have asked that we alert paddlers to this recreational opportunity.

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Paddlers have long enjoyed and defended the few recreational releases on Vermont's West River. New hydro proposals may offer opportunities or impacts.

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