Rosebud Video Highlights Success and Threats (MT)

posted August 2, 2010
by Kevin Colburn

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American Whitewater is pleased to release a short video celebrating our successful restoration of boatable flows to West Rosebud Creek downstream of the Mystic Lake Hydroelectric Project.  The video is also intended to raise awareness of a new proposal to dam and divert West Rosebud Creek immediately below the existing hydropower facility. 


The existing Mystic Lake Hydroelectric Project has historically eliminated or severely limited the natural range of flows prefered by whitewater paddlers.  American Whitewater worked closely with local volunteers Ian McIntosh and Ron Lodders to negotiate subtle increases in flows when the current dam leaves the creek just barely below good boating flows.  We worked closely with the dam owner and natural resource agencies to create the current release protocol.  The result is several dam releases each summer that attract paddlers from around the region.  The video follows paddlers through several stretches of West Rosebud's continuous Class IV+ whitewater rapids.


Last month the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted a preliminary permit to a company seeking to build another hydropower dam on West Rosebud Creek.  This new dam would virtually de-water the reach of West Rosebud that is enjoyed by paddlers, and would significantly impact both the ecological and recreational values of the creek.  American Whitewater is working with a diverse group of people and organizations opposed to this and other similar new dam proposals on nearby East Rosebud Creek and the Madison River. 


Enjoy the video and please support American Whitewater's efforts to protect and restore rivers though maintaining your membership and/or making a donation.  Thanks!


Kevin Colburn
Missoula, MT
Phone: 406-543-1802

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