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N. Fork South Platte Flow Survey (CO)

Posted: 08/13/2010
by Nathan Fey

Colorado - On August 14-15, Denver Water will be releasing 300 cfs into the North Fork South Platte River.  When combined with natural flows, we are expecting boatable levels in Bailey and Foxton Canyons.

These kayaking flows are being provided in accordance with the South Platte Protection Plan, which was developed by water providers, environmental groups, recreation groups, governmental organizations, local landowners and many other interest groups as an alternative to Wild and Scenic river designation.  Included among the organizations that created the plan are Trout Unlimited, the Sierra Club, American Whitewater, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Denver Water and the U.S. Forest Service.  One of the goals of the plan is to enhance whitewater recreation flows on the North Fork when possible.  Denver Water considers the needs of whitewater enthusiasts when making operational decisions in its water system and at the Roberts Tunnel.  Denver Water’s management of its water system has resulted in many high-quality kayaking days on the North Fork over the past several years, but this is the first time we are planning a weekend event. 


American Whitewater will be collecting input on the quality of boating over the week-end, from paddlers attending the release.

We have developed this survey so individuals can report their runs and help American Whitewater evaluate the quality of the 2010 release and represent recreational interests in scheduling future whitewater releases for the North Fork South Platte. Our goal is to utilize information from the survey to help us identify flows necessary to provide a range of whitewater recreation experiences, from technical low water to challenging high water trips.


If you spent the week-end running Bailey or Foxton Canyons please,

Click here to take survey

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