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Moose River Video

posted January 18, 2011
by Mark Singleton

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Currents is a river stewardship focused WebTV program (online video documentary) which uses white water kayaking as a means to educate a broader audience about the risks threatening the world's rivers and to help highlight the intrinsic value of preserving rivers in their natural state.


See Currents latest release on the history of boating on the Moose River and the early role that American Whitewater played. Click here.


New York's Moose River was first run in the late 70's and was shortly thereafter threatened by a dam and diversion project. Paddlers representing AW joined forces with environmental groups and worked for several years to reach an agreement with the power company in 1984 which provided 20 days of scheduled releases on the Bottom Moose, and various other aesthetic and environmental enhancements to their planned project. Once the agreement was signed, AW filed what may have been our first formal intervention with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, regarding the Moose River. The negotiation of releases on the Moose formed the basis for future negotiations on ther rivers, and protected a recreational treasure that would have otherwise been lost. You can find out more about the Moose River here.


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  • Moose River (NY)
    AW fought a proposal to dewater the Moose River beginning in 1982, and ultimately secured some of the first recreational releases in the nation.