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Dolores River (CO) flows

posted May 31, 2011
by Mark Singleton

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The Bureau of Reclamation began releasing water from McPhee Reservoir into the lower Dolores River last month, following their ramping criteria.  As predicted, flows reached 1,000 cfs throughout the Memorial Day weekend.  Water managers planned on cutting back to 800 cfs for the remainder of this week, but warmer weather is driving a more rapid run-off than expected. Flows have stayed at boatable levels since May 27th.  We expect flows to continue below McPhee at the following levels:

June  8-10, 1200 cfs

June 11-13, 1000cfs

June 14 - ramping down to 600

Boaters are encouraged to check the Dolores Water Conservancy District website for the most current forecast and links to numerous river gages at: www.doloreswater.com/releases.htm

Colorado Stewardship Director
Nathan Fey
1601 Longs Peak Ave.
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-859-8601

Associated Gauges

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20 cfs 00h47m


0.53 ft 00h47m

Associated Projects

  • Dolores River (CO)
    American Whitewater is working to conserve and restore a dynamic, healthy Dolores River by leveraging recreational water needs to enhance and support in-stream flows.
  • Lower Dolores Working Group (CO)
    AW is working with a broad group of stakeholders to draft a new federal legislation that protects water and the iconic landscapes of the lower Dolores River.