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ACTION ALERT: House to Vote on Wild and Scenic Roll Back

Posted: 11/09/2011
by Megan Hooker

Legislation to roll back protections under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act will soon go to the House Floor for a vote. HR 2578 proposes to amend the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act to drown part of California's Merced Wild and Scenic River to allow for the expansion of Lake McClure behind the New Exchequer Dam. If passed, this will be the first time that a Wild and Scenic designation has been eroded to make room for development.  

Many of you have already provided comment as this bill moved through Committee Hearings. Now is a good time for a follow-up e-mail or call. And if you haven't been in touch with your Representative, please do so today! The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is one of the strongest tools that we have to protect the free-flowing rivers we value for future generations. Let your representatives know why Wild and Scenic Rivers are important to you! 

The National Wild and Scenic Rivers System protects free flowing rivers throughout the country with outstandingly remarkable values. While HR 2578 focuses on the Merced River, it is a slippery slope for all rivers in the Wild and Scenic System. Wild and Scenic Rivers were designated to permanently protect rivers for the sake of future generations.  

Find your Representative in the upper righthand corner at

Learn more about the issues in a previous post on a similar bill

Since the Wild and Scenic Rivers system was established in 1968, American Whitewater has advocated for the responsible management of these rivers, and worked to protect and preserve the recreational, wildlife, scenic, geologic, historical and cultural values of these special rivers.

Megan Hooker

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