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Upper Yough Parking Lot Construction Update

Posted: 05/13/2012
by Charlie Walbridge

The Town of Friendsville wishes to update paddlers on progress made on the new boater parking area. Thanks to State of Maryland and Garrett County regulations we are bogged down with permit applications for floodplain construction, State Roads access, and Storm water management. We are pushing the process as fast as it can go since we want boaters to use the area as much as the boaters want to use it.

We have spent $800 so far on turf seeding for temporary parking on grass and the elevation surveys necessary for the access permit application. A 10’ x 20’ roofed change house has been ordered and should arrive sometime this month. We have just learned that we are on the Maryland Waterways Improvement Fund approved list for an additional $10,000 in July. The total funds from Boater contributions and Grant money are now over $32,000, which is enough money to construct the entryway, install a gravel road, put up a 825’ fence bordering Church Lane, and purchase the a roofed change house.

The Town assures you that we will spend the money in the most efficient manner possible. We will try to hurry the application process but are at the mercy of State and County agencies. Please be patient. Thanks!

The Mayor and Town Council of Friendsville, Maryland


Also - Seen on Boatertalk - Thank you Mike McCarty!

Minor repairs to the Deep Creek Dam mean all day releases for a week or more starting May 14th. 

In case you are put off by the prospect of high water the release rules were changed a few years ago. 

1. If natural flow is less than 600cfs the dam will release 2 turbines=additional 620cfs. 

2. If natural flow is above 600 but less than 1300 cfs the dam will release 1 turbine=additional 310 cfs 

3. If natural flow is above 1300 there is no additional release from the dam. 

4. Put on times can be adjusted for flows. If natural flow is less than 300cfs it takes  5 hours for the release to get to Friendsville. If natural flow is above 300 it takes only 3 hours to get to Friendsville. Tomorrow, Monday, May 14, you could put in as early as 11 am.

Charles Walbridge
Bruceton Mills, WV