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Local Experts Predict Upper Yough Releases

Posted: 07/05/2012
by Charlie Walbridge

Although the drought eliminated the regular Friday and Monday whitewater releases on the Upper Yough, locals know that shorter releases are being made regularly to protect the river's trout fishery. These "fish releases" are almost as good as the regular whitewater releases! 

To help out-of-town paddlers make plans, thirty-year Upper Yough outfitter Roger Zbel and Friendsville Town Councilman Jess Whittemore will predict the probability of "fish releases" on Thursday for the coming Friday and others in the future.

UPPER YOUGH UPDATE: Deep Creek Lake is above the Lower Rule Band today, Monday Sept 10th, and water was released into the Upper Yough. The chance of a release is under 50% Tuesday, and is almost zero on Wednesday and Thursday. With the end of Saturday releases Friday becomes the priority day. This means there WILL BE an Upper Yough release this Friday September 14th, (Pre Gauley Fest) and the 21st and 28th. Call the Power Company (315)-413-2823 for updates on the schedule.
Fish Releases may start as late as 2:30, and are often announced only a few hours beforehand. They may be cancelled if weather conditions change suddenly. Releases are most likely on hot, clear days when the Yough at Oakland reads under 100 cfs. The region is known for unexpected stoms which can increase flow and cloud cover.

PARKING LOT UPDATE From Jess Whittemore, Friendsville Town Council: - Please stay off the field that will become the parking lot. The permit on Upper Yough Race Day was for one-time use. We are awaiting a permit to allow continuous use.

Charles Walbridge
Bruceton Mills, WV