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Members: Link Your Membership and Website Accounts

Posted: 10/31/2012
by Jeffrey Paine

At American Whitewater, it’s possible to have two different kinds of accounts: a Membership account and a Website account. A Membership account is for dues-paying AW members (e.g. you get the Journal, and other Members-only benefits), a Website account is a free account on our website (e.g. you can post photos, etc.).

These two kinds of accounts can be linked together. If you’re a dues-paying AW Member, doing so provides a number of benefits including no ads/reminders to become a member and the ability to manage your membership online. Linking your accounts is optional, but we recommend that all American Whitewater Members do it.

How to Link Your Accounts

Follow the directions for your individual situation below.

Membership and Website Account (not linked)

  1. Go to
  2. Login with the Website account you wish to link to your Membership account
  3. From the menu, go to “My Account” > “Enter AW Membership #”
  4. Fill in your Zip Code, Last Name and Member Number as they appear on your Membership account
  5. Click “Verify Membership”

Membership Account, no Website Account

  1. Go to our Create a Website Account page
  2. Fill in your Full Name, Email, desired Username and Password
  3. Fill in your Member Number and Address as it appears on your Membership account (if your address needs to be updated, you can do this later)
  4. Click “Register”

Not Sure if Your Accounts are Linked

  1. Go to
  2. Login with the website account you have
  3. If you don’t see your Membership information in the top right, your accounts are not linked (follow steps in “Membership and Website Account (not linked)”)
  4. If you do see your Membership info in the top right, your accounts are linked. No further action is necessary.


Contact AW’s Membership Director, Carla Miner, at or 1-866-262-8429.