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Help Pass Virginia Stream Access Legislation!

Posted: 12/23/2012
by Kevin Colburn

The lack of clarity regarding the rights of residents and visitors to paddle Virginia's certain rivers and streams has long been an unnecessary source of conflict.  Virginians are now ready to change that by clarifying that in Virginia people have the widely supported right to float down rivers.  Thanks to this grassroots effort, a new stream access bill, SB 737, has recently been introduced in the state legislature that needs your support.  

If you are from Virginia, please look up your legislator and contact them as soon as possible in support of SB 737.  Personal calls, letters, and emails are best that describe how you and your family will benefit from this legislation.   In addition to contacting your own legislator, please consider contacting members of the Senate Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources Committee.   

If you live outside of Virginia but paddle there, please contact the committee listed above, as well as the legislator representing the area that you like (or would like) to paddle in.  You can look up the legislator for your favorite areas.  For example, Senator Stephen Newman represents the Johns Creek area. Be sure to mention that you spend money as a river-oriented tourist.