It's Permit Season!

Posted: 12/10/2018
by Thomas O'Keefe

It's now time to start thinking about multi-day trips for next year and there are several great opportunities on Western Rivers. Many of these rivers require you to fill out a lottery application and deadlines are coming up. Check our permit database for the information and links to agency sites with detailed instructions and applications you can download.

Note that you can find this list at any time from the main home page on our website by selecting the River Info tab and scrolling down to Permit Information (note also the tab to access our calendar of scheduled whitewater releases that we will soon be updating for 2019).

American Whitewater's River Permit Database

You can also check out our interactive map below.

And if you just want to get on a great multi-day trip without the hassles of getting a permit, consider joining American Whitewater board and staff for our annual Rogue River trip with Northwest Rafting (more information).


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