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Virginia Stream Recreation Bill Moves Forward - Calls Needed!

Posted: 02/01/2013
by Kevin Colburn

Yesterday a landmark stream recreation bill for the commonwealth of Virginia was reported out of subcommittee and will now go to the full Senate for a vote.  The vote could come as early as next week.  This is the closest the public has come to gaining clarity on our rights to float down Virginia's rivers in a very long time.

The bill would ensure that paddlers would not be liable for trespass for simply floating down second order or larger streams, while not changing any existing property rights.  

If you are from Virginia, please look up your legislator and contact them as soon as possible in support of SB737.  Personal calls and emails are best that describe how you and your family will benefit from this legislation.     

If you live outside of Virginia but paddle there, please contact the legislator representing the area that you like (or would like) to paddle in.  You can look up the legislator for your favorite areas.  For example, Senator Stephen Newman represents the Johns Creek area. Be sure to mention that you spend money as a river-oriented tourist.