Attention Stone Valley Paddlers and Spectators

Posted: 06/20/2013
by Robert Nasdor

Attention Stone Valley Paddlers and Spectators

If you are going to be boating on the Stone Valley section of the Raquette River or watching the whitewater paddlers during the upcoming releases, we’d like you to consider a few small requests:


  1. In order to minimize impact on the ecosystem in the river corridor, please stay on existing trails whenever possible, and when scouting from river level, please do your best to stay on granite surfaces.

  2. To maintain a positive relationship with other users of the Stone Valley Recreation Area, please be mindful of sharing the trails, yielding to hikers and bikers whenever appropriate.

  3. In order to maintain a good relationship with local property owners, let’s be mindful of our use of the Lenny Road (the dirt road on river right often used to run shuttle). Please drive respectfully and be cautious on the narrow sections of the road. If you are going to use the lower takeout, try to use Route 56 and the Browns Bridge Road for access. When using the lower takeout, please try to park off the side of the road, be mindful of traffic, and consider carpooling to minimize the number of cars at the takeout.

Emergency situations obviously call for drastic measures, but please do your best to follow these guidelines under normal circumstances.