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2013 Whitewater Symposium - Bend OR, Sept 27-29

Posted: 09/03/2013
by Megan Hooker

The American Canoe Association and the Steering Committee of the Whitewater Symposium will be co-hosting the Whitewater Symposium this year in Bend, Oregon. The event will take place September 27 through 29th at the Mt. Bachelor Village Resort and Tumalo Creek Outfitters. For more information, visit or The Whitewater Symposium is a three-day annual event promoting whitewater paddlesports by bringing together a diverse cross section of industry and program advocates. The event affords a unique meeting of minds who are dedicated to the whitewater medium and pro-active in fortifying its future. American Whitewater will be at the Whitewater Symposium and we look forward to seeing you there.

The Whitewater Symposium seeks to advance the spirit of whitewater paddling through bringing leaders of the sport together. Its focus is on generating new ideas to support the future of whitewater among those who are genuinely passionate about it. Collectively, paddlers have the greatest potential to influence the future of whitewater. The Whitewater Symposium program seeks to involve all those who actively love whitewater sport. This includes intermediate paddlers who want a deeper appreciation for paddlesport. The Symposium also supports the grassroots feeder programs that encourage new and continued participation, empowering more people to take on productive roles in stewarding whitewater paddling development.