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New River Dries Flow Study Dates Set (WV) (Update 5/5)

Posted: 04/22/2014
by Kevin Colburn

Dates for the New River Dries Paddling Flow Study have been confirmed for May 6 and 7, 2014.   Volunteer paddlers with suitable (Class IV) skills are encouraged to participate in the study, and to RSVP.  The best way to be notified if the study dates are delayed is to RSVP, and we will also update this article. 

The recreational flow study is one of several studies being conducted to inform the re-licensing of the Hawks Nest Dam, which largely dewaters the New River Dries.  American Whitewater is actively participating in this dam re-licensing process, seeking improved flows for paddlers and native aquatic species.  

Last summer the first phase of the flow study gathered data on 500cfs and 1,000cfs.  The plan for this year is to paddle 1,500cfs on the morning of May 6th, 2,000 cfs that afternoon, followed by 2,500 on the morning of the 7th and 3,000 that afternoon.  Volunteer paddlers should expect to fill out a waiver, and a survey following each run.  Volunteers willing to paddle at all four flows are especially helpful.

In addition, New River Dries paddlers can help us understand how higher flows relate to paddling experiences.  You can download and submit a survey from the flow study website.  So far no paddlers have completed a survey.  If paddlers do not offer this information we will have a limited basis for negotiating releases over 3,000cfs.    

Learn more, RSVP for the study dates, or fill out a higher flow survey on Brookfield Power's Recreational Flow Assessment Study Webpage