2015 Class IV/V Releases Set For Southeast

posted February 2, 2015
by Kevin Colburn

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We are pleased to share the 2015 schedule of Class IV and V scheduled dam releases for Western North Carolina and North Georgia.  American Whitewater and our partners negotiated these releases over the past two decades, and the result is 34 days of outstanding paddling opportunities for advanced paddlers on the Cheoah, Tallulah, Upper Nantahala, and West Fork of the Tuckasegee.

This year a few things will be a bit different. The 2015 summer Upper Nantahala releases will mostly be on Friday evenings to pair with other weekend paddling opportunities and to make the free outfitter shuttles possible (weekends are too busy for them).  Also new for 2015 will be expanded parking at the West Fork Tuck put in and a beach.  Yes that’s right, after your run you’ll now be able to catch some rays and take a dip at a new swimming beach across the road from the put in, on Glenville Reservoir.

Its important to remember that for every day of flows we’ve negotiated on Class IV and V whitewater like these runs, we’ve negotiated at least 10 days of Class II and III dam releases.  For example, as part of the same settlement agreements that brought these rivers back to life we’ve nailed down hundreds of annual releases on the lower sections of the Tuckasegee and Nantahala rivers, and over a dozen new access areas that benefit beginner and intermediate paddlers (over 2 dozen if you count flatwater).  In case you missed it, check out this article about the new opportunities on the Tuckasegee and you can see the flow schedules here.  

Last but certainly not least, we'd like to thank the many people that make each one of these dam releases possible.  The volunteers at Tallulah, the outfitters offering shuttles on the Upper Nantahala, the power companies working hard to get the flows just right, the Forest Service building new access areas, and many other vital contributions.  Thanks everyone!          


  • 2/21 - Cheoah


  • 3/21 - Cheoah


  • 4/4 -Tallulah
  • 4/5 - Tallulah
  • 4/11 - Cheoah, Tallulah
  • 4/12 – Cheoah, Tallulah
  • 4/18 - West Fork Tuck
  • 4/19 - West Fork Tuck
  • 4/25 - Upper Nantahala, Cheoah
  • 4/26 - Upper Nantahala, Cheoah


  • 5/16 - Cheoah
  • 5/17 - Cheoah
  • 5/23 - West Fork Tuck
  • 5/30 - Cheoah
  • 5/31 – Cheoah


  • 6/19 - Upper Nantahala
  • 6/20 - West Fork Tuck
  • 6/27 - Cheoah
  • 6/28 – Cheoah


  • 7/2 - Upper Nantahala
  • 7/4 - West Fork Tuck
  • 7/17 - Upper Nantahala


  • 8/1 - West Fork Tuck
  • 8/14 - Upper Nantahala
  • 8/22 - West Fork Tuck


  • 9/12 - Cheoah
  • 9/26 - Upper Nantahala
  • 9/27 - Upper Nantahala


  • 10/3 - Cheoah


  • 11/7 - Cheoah, Tallulah
  • 11/8 - Tallulah
  • 11/14- Tallulah
  • 11/15- Tallulah
  • 11/21- Tallulah
  • 11/22- Tallulah

Be safe out there, enjoy, and please consider supporting AW if you enjoy these rivers!  

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