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New Parking Area Greets Upper Yough Paddlers

Posted: 04/27/2015
by Charlie Walbridge

May 2nd will be the first Saturday Upper Yough release of the year, and hundreds of white water paddlers will converge on the small town of Friendsville, MD. After $25,000 in paddler-donated seed money and $160,000 in grants raised by the Town the new parking area is complete and awaiting final approval. We hope the parking will be open, but please park on the side of the road if it isn't. Other work to protect river access continues. Don Millard, a local paddler, has agreed to cut the grass here during the coming year. Town Council, under the leadership of Spencer Schlosnagle and Jess Whittemore, is standing up to lake interests that threaten the release program.  Please observe the usual courtesies when in town: don't drink alcohol in public, change clothesor relieve yourself where others can see you, or park in residential areas along the river. Stay on the gravel in the parking lot as much as you can; the perimeter is muddy and needs time to regrow. And do take time to patronize the businesss in town who are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Charles Walbridge
Bruceton Mills, WV