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Ohiopyle Over the Falls Festival (PA) August 22, 2015

Posted: 08/13/2015
by Mark Singleton

The "Ohiopyle Over the Falls Festival" will be held on Saturday, August 22, 2015. Come on out and participate in the Falls Race, the Free Style event, or just run laps on the falls! Prize money and places are increased this year. Additional activities will include a Silent Auction and Town Party at 7:30pm featuring The Mavens at the Steward on the Green Community Park in Ohiopyle. The new Ohiopyle Visitor's Center will be open, be sure to stop in and take a look. 
Note - the Corp of Engineers will adjust the water level for the Festival. However if mother nature trumps the Corp, the high water dates will be August 29th or September 12th.

For additional information about the festival click here. The Festival welcomes any and all volunteers, if you're interested in volunteering please contact the â€¨Falls Festival Coordinator, Barry Adams.  â€¨â€¨