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GIveBIG Day is May 3rd!

Posted: 04/25/2016
by Evan Stafford

Happy spring! As another great paddling season comes into focus, we hope that you'll consider making a contribution to American Whitewater on GiveBig Day – Tuesday, May 3rd. GiveBIG is a one day event through the Seattle Foundation that makes your donation to American Whitewater go further. 
It's a great way to support our efforts which are exclusively focused on conserving and restoring whitewater rivers. Protecting free-flowing rivers, restoring flows to impacted rivers and ensuring that the public can access the rivers we all love, for generations to come – it’s what we do, and your contributions are critical to our success.  
Here's how it works:

Schedule or make your donation to American Whitewater through our Seattle Foundation webpage between now and 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016.

Your gift will automatically go further through the GiveBIG stretch pool, thanks to numerous individual and corporate sponsors. The amount of extra money American Whitewater will receive depends on how much is raised on May 3rd. 

You may be chosen at random to receive a "Golden Ticket," which means you will be able to give an additional $1,000! No matter the size of your contribution, more donations make it more likely that one of AW's supporters will win a "Golden Ticket!"

If you've let your membership lapse and donate $35 or more on GiveBIG day, we'll renew your membership.
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Don’t forget, you don’t have to wait until May 3rd. You can go to the AW GiveBIG webpage today to schedule your donation!
Thanks for your support!