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Volunteer of the Month: Luke Spencer and Pete Giordano

Posted: 07/07/2016
by Thomas O'Keefe

As our volunteers of the month, we wish to recognize Luke Spencer and Pete Giordano who spent countless hours in meetings and site visits to make new improved access to the Clackamas River a reality. 
Those who paddle the Clackamas River, Portland's backyard run, may have noticed something new this spring: enhanced access points with parking, signage, toilet, and convenient launch facilities. These projects would not have happened without Luke and Pete stepping up to volunteer their expertise and knowledge of the Clackamas River that proved essential to the successful completion of these projects.
In 2006 American Whitewater signed a settlement agreement with Portland General Electric that established the guidelines for the future operation of their hydropower project on the Clackamas River. Among the provisions of the agreement, we advocated for improved gage information, support for events including the Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival, improvements in river access at three sites, and enhanced law enforcement within the corridor. With this agreement, which volunteer Keith Jensen helped negotiate as a volunteer representing American Whitewater, PGE manages their hydropower project to benefit whitewater recreation.
Moore Creek is a newly improved site about a mile downstream of Bob's Hole. It serves as a take-out for those paddling the best segment of whitewater on the run and is also a put-in for those looking for a more mellow float. Hole in the Wall is a newly improved access just upstream of Hole in the Wall rapid that serves as a put-in. Work is now underway on the third improved access point upstream of the Three Lynx powerhouse. PGE will manage all three of these sites for the term of the hydropower license.
In the coming year we will also be working to develop a river map with access points and rapids that can be posted at access points along the river corridor and make it easier for first-time visitors to find the section of river they want to paddle. We appreciate the leadership of Luke and Pete in bringing these projects to successful implementation and their long-term commitment to promoting paddlesports in the Pacific Northwest.
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Clackamas Stewardship (OR)
AW has been a stakeholder in licensing of the hydroelectric projects on this river and protection of key tributaries through the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

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