Upper Yough Access Depends on Everyone!

Posted: 07/24/2018
by Charlie Walbridge

As we head towards Upper Yough Race Day (July 27th) in Friendsville it's time to remind everyone that we need to work together to maintain our access points. Thanks those who have contributed to the Sang Run Access Fund on line. We raised just under $300 last week; our goal to pay for the porta pots and gravel is $1000. To donate, please go to https://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Membership/donate/? nd and write "Upper Yough Access in the comment line. Let's also give a special thank you to Don Millard, who cuts the grass in both Friendsville and Sang Run to keep our access costs low. If not for him you might see a parking fee of $5 a head at both ends! Keep the good times coming! Don't forget to contribute!! Jeff Macklin photo.

Ambrose Tuscano
Soda Springs, CA