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Upper Yough Begins Access Donations by Phone July 4 Weekend!

Posted: 06/28/2017
by Charlie and Sandy Walbridge

Maryland's mighty Upper Yough had releases on July 1 and 3 on this very popular holiday weekend. It's a good time to remember American Whitewater's volunteers, especially Don Millard (Picture above), who mows the grass at both Sang Run and Friendsville. Without his work we would certainly be facing mandatory fees at both sites! AW provides a portable toilet and gravel, and needs your donations to pay for this. For those who've already donated, thank you! For the rest of us, in addition to using the Sang Run cash box you can make a "cashless" donation by phone using a QR code posted at the put-in. Please remember that we are guests in the beautiful town of Friendsville. Please drive respectfully, change clothes discretely, and behave like your mother was watching you!

Charles Walbridge
Bruceton Mills, WV