Spill Cessation Horseshoe Bend - San Joaquin River (CA)

posted July 17, 2017
by Theresa Simsiman

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In high water years, the dam that controls the flow to Horseshoe Bend on the San Joaquin will spill when water levels fill the reservoir. These flows are uncontrollable but usually when flows drop to a point that can be controlled Southern California Edison (SCE) makes use of these flows for power generation instead of letting it continue downstream. Leaving no water for whitewater recreation.
This year, however, American Whitewater, San Joaquin Stakeholders and Agencies have negotiated with SCE to test better management of naturally occurring spill.  The results of this test will be fined tuned and hopefully will become part of long term operating procedures along with recreational flows provided by in season pulse flows in drier years.
During the last spill of this season SCE will test slowing down the rate of reducing flows (called ramping rate). This more natural flow regime benefits the native aquatic species while still providing whitewater boating opportunities and is referred to as spill cessation. 
While we had hoped to see this test in August, mother nature had other plans! SCE has informed us that the last anticipated spill for the season is happening earlier than anticipated and they will start their test this week. SCE has provided us with the approximate flows for this spill cessation test below.
So start making your boating plans now!
Date    Cfs
7/17/2017 - 2873
7/18/2017 - 2759
7/19/2017 - 2467
7/20/2017 - 2266
7/21/2017 - 2003
7/22/2017 - 1902
7/23/2017 - 1801
7/24/2017 - 1711
7/25/2017 - 1549
7/26/2017 - 1484
7/27/2017 - 1296
7/28/2017 - 1107
7/292017  - 881
7/30/2017 - 655
7/31/2017 - 542
8/01/2017 - 45

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