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AW Files Comments with EPA on Proposal to Rescind Clean Water Rule

Posted: 09/27/2017
by Evan Stafford

Yesterday American Whitewater filed comments on the proposal to rescind the Clean Water rule (2015 Waters of the United States rule, also known as the WOTUS) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The deadline for comments is today September 27th. The clock is ticking, and we've made it easy for you to speak up and voice your support for the Clean Water rule alongside American Whitewater: Speak Up for Clean Water. 
In our comments we express our strong opposition to the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers’ proposed rule to rescind WOTUS and argue that the scientifically based 2015 Clean Water Rule brought needed clarity to which headwater streams and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act. Repealing the Clean Water Rule is a step backwards in protecting rivers, their flows, and the recreation economies they support. We state that, “the proposed rule takes our nation further away from the Clean Water Act’s goal of making our waterways fishable, swimmable and drinkable, and we urge the agencies to implement the 2015 Clean Water Rule.” 
We also offer as evidence of the rule’s benefits, how the Clean Water Act effects paddlers, river recreation and the outdoor industry rivers support. “Reducing regulatory protections for surface waters can and will make paddlers sick. The 2015 Clean Water Rule offered promise to protect citizens who recreate in rivers–from paddlers to kids playing in creeks–by keeping them safe from water pollution.”
We remind the EPA that, “An economic analysis by the Outdoor Industry Association published in 2017 found that watersports result in approximately $139 billion in retail spending and 1.2 million direct jobs, accounting for $44 billion in salaries and wages, $11 billion in federal taxes, and $9 billion in state and local taxes.” 
The Clean Water Act must apply to our Nation’s headwaters if the goal is to protect downstream states, people, fish, and property rights.  Take a stand with American Whitewater today and deliver your comment to the EPA using our Super Easy Comment Template. Please personalize your message with a unique sentence or two – it makes a big difference.

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