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Great Falls of the Catawba Video Update (SC)

Posted: 10/12/2017
by Kevin Colburn

Check out this quick video update from the Great Falls of the Catawba, 11 years after American Whitewater joined a group of 70 organizations, agencies, and individuals in signing a Settlement Agreement that will shape the management of the Catawba River for the next 30-50 years. As a result of the agreement the remnants of the Great Falls of the Catawba will have a new base flow every moment of every day, as well as 22 days of scheduled boating flows on the long channel and 28 days on the short channel by 2022. The Falls area will also be getting a new state park, significant land conservation, several river access areas, and new flow information. The potential constructed whitewater feature we mention in the film is not part of the agreement, but may become a reality at Duke Energy's discretion.


Great Falls of the Catawba Update (2017) from American Whitewater on Vimeo.

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Catawba Relicensing (SC)
The relicensing of a string of dams on the Catawba River could restore the Great Falls of the Catawba, and bring massive public benefits throughout the watershed.