AW June Volunteer Of The Month Presented By Kokatat: Tom Welander

posted May 30, 2018
by Mark Singleton

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American Whitewater is proud to recognize Tom Welander for his assistance analyzing data from our recent membership survey. He is a survey researcher with 25 years experience in the field. Tom's analysis was presented to the AW Board of Directors at a recent meeting and will be used in an upcoming strategic planning process.
Along with other findings, the analysis provides an overview of our members demographics and choice crafts:  
Our Members - The Crafts They Paddle and Who They Are 
  • Lots of cross pollination between crafts. 
  • Plurality of members paddle class III/IV 21-50 days a year. 
  • There is an age progression from non-member to lifetime member. 
  • Email, Journal and Social Media are top member communication modes. 
  • Non-members rely on online sources. 
We’re On Mission 
  • River protection, access, restoration/releases, and safety are most important aspects of our work. 
  • 98% of member respondents intend to renew their membership. 
  • 78% of members were likely to recommend AW and 71% are highly satisfied.
The recent membership survey had very strong participation from members and non-members alike. In recognition of Tom's volunteer support, he will be receiving a gift certificate from Kokatat!