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Help Quantify the Economic Impact of the Green River (NC)

Posted: 11/07/2019
by Evan Stafford

Want to be part of a project designed to protect recreation on the Green River (NC)? Take this survey! Chris Bell, who served 12 years on the American Whitewater board, created and maintains the website, and was one of the first 16 Green racers, is conducting a research project American Whitewater supports: An analysis of the economic impact on Henderson and Polk Counties of recreation-friendly water releases from the Tuxedo Hydro Station. The Green River in North Carolina is the magnet that's drawn paddlers from around the world to settle in this beautiful corner of the Appalachian country. Near year-round flows cascade down multiple sections of whitewater through a lush temperate rainforest, and we need your help to quantify the economic effect instream flows in the Green River has on surrounding communities.

Chris needs your help. The data required for economic impact studies is generated through use and spending surveys. As a Green River, NC paddler, and possibly as a Green Race competitor, spectator, or volunteer, we'd love it if you would complete either/or both surveys, whichever apply to you. The first is for anyone who paddles the Green (any section) and the second is for Green Race competitors, spectators, and volunteers. The surveys take about 3 minutes each to complete.

At the minimum Chris expects to write an article for The American Whitewater Journal discussing the results. To learn more about his project and to complete a survey or two, please visit this link: 

It will also be helpful for you to encourage your friends to complete the appropriate survey or surveys, including the survey for non-paddling friends who came to watch this year's race. Thank you!

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