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Help Stop New Development in the Dolores River Canyon (CO)

Posted: 02/12/2020
by Hattie Johnson

Tell the BOR not to develop in the Dolores River Canyon! Please use this link to personalize your letter with your own experiences and why the Dolores is important to you!

A new plan to replace the out of date a salinity control unit in the Dolores River Canyon near Bedrock, released recently by the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), would severely alter the wilderness character of the river. The Paradox Valley Unit was authorized in the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act of 1974. The Salinity Control Act authorizes facilities in the Colorado River Basin to control the salinity of water delivered to users in the United States and Mexico. The existing deep injection well has essentially filled the layer of limestone being used to reduce salinity. Increased frequency and magnitude in seismicity in the surrounding area has been the result. The comment deadline on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement has been extended to February 19, 2020. While Alternative B1 displays the most obvious negative impacts to the Dolores River Canyon and its recreational and scenic Outstandingly Remarkable Values, it is clear that the other action alternatives do not meet the project's identified goals, nor do they adhere to other applicable laws or land management plans. 

Alternative B1 proposes a new injection well upstream from the Bedrock Boat Ramp. The alternative includes a new 1.3 mile road with two river crossings as well as power lines and buried pipeline. Alternative B2 is a similar injection well on Monogram Mesa. Alternative C would disturb 1,500 acres of elk and sheep habitat within the Paradox Valley with evaporation ponds and salt landfill. Lastly, Alternative D includes an energy intensive zero-liquid discharge technology as well as a 60 acre salt landfill.

Your comments are needed to encourage the BOR to select Alternative A, the no action alternative or pursue other action alternatives. The BOR has failed to show that any analyzed action alternative meets their identified goals. Your comments are needed to encourage the BOR to consider recreation more substantively in their alternatives. Use our super simple comment form below to take action.

We need to act now. Make your voice heard! Comments are due by February 19, 2020. Use our very simple action form to send the BOR a letter.

The full proposal can be found here:

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