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Green River Release Schedule Set for 2020 (NC)

Posted: 03/24/2020
by Kevin Colburn

Last year, Northbrook Energy purchased the Tuxedo Hydropower Project from Duke Energy. This hydropower project provides the flows for the Class III+ Upper Green, the Class V Narrows, and the Class II Lower Green - all of which are popular whitewater runs. As the sale was underway, American Whitewater and others advocated for assurances in the contract that recreational releases would continue to follow a predictable pattern and be communicated as a forecast online. The contract contains these guarantees for the public, and earlier today river users got on the phone with the power company for a positive conversation confirming the 2020 schedule. Big shout out to the Green Race organizers, local outfitters, Duke, and Northbrook for being great partners on this project.

Check out the 2020 Green River Release Schedule. Releases are 7am to 1pm at the powerhouse.

The 3-day release forecast can be found here:

This is a good reminder that even though most folks are staying home from paddling right now to slow the spread of COVID-19, American Whitewater remains busy lining up a great future for rivers and river enthusiasts.

Kevin Colburn
Asheville, NC