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AW Proposes WW Releases on Connecticut River (MA, NH)

Posted: 02/01/2013
by Bob Nasdor

American Whitewater, along with New England FLOW and the Appalacian Mountain Club, filed comments and provided testimony this week at FERC scoping meetings held in New Hampshire and Massachusetts to discuss the five dam relicensing proposals filed by TransCanada and FirstLight for hydroelectric projects on the Connecticut River.  The projects are located at Wilder, Bellows Falls, Vernon, Northfield Mountain and Turner's Falls.  AW, along with Tom Christopher from NE Flow and Norm Sims from the Appalachian Mountain Club, asked FERC to require TransCanada and FirstLight to conduct studies to determine the optimal release levels for whitewater boating at Sumner Falls (below the Wilder Dam), the bypass reach at Bellows Falls, and the bypass reach at Turner's Falls.  In addition, the groups called on FERC to require TransCanada and FirstLight to study the access to these potentially significant whitewater section, camping and portages, economic value of whitewater boating to the local communities, and need for mitigation for lost boating opportunities.  The groups also proposed the creation of a whitewater park at Bellows Falls. (see photo)

Bob Nasdor