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Yuba Bear/ Drum Spaulding Update

Posted: 07/08/2009
by Mick Grochol



Fordyce Creek Planned Release Schedule


As part of the Yuba-Bear Drum-Spaulding Relicensing Boating Flow Study, Fordyce Reservoir drafting flows will be augmented to provide the following releases to Fordyce Creek:


Date                                                            Flow, cfs

Thursday 8/13                                                300

Friday 8/14                                                     400

Saturday 8/15                                                 500

Sunday 8/16                                                   400

Monday 8/17                                                  400

Tuesday 8/18                                                  400



Yuba Bear Drum Spaulding Boating Flow Study Surveys Requested


Last summer and fall, and then through the winter and spring, AW worked with Licensees NID and PG&E to conduct “opportunistic flow studies” on numerous reaches within the Yuba Bear Drum Spaulding Relicensing project area. Surveys filled out by boaters are an important part of the “Recreational Flow Study” that is being conducted as part of the Relicensing process.  In general, boater response has been good, and we believe that the surveys will yield valuable information, particularly regarding flow ranges. 


There are several reaches for which we would like to receive additional surveys:


River / Reach                                                                        Surveys Received

Middle Yuba

Jackson Meadows to Milton                                                0

Below Milton                                                                       0

            Plumbago to Our House                                                      3

South Yuba

            Below Lang’s Crossing (Yuba Gap)                                    4


            Hwy 174 to Ben Taylor Road                                              6


Thanks to all who participated in the boating studies, and have, or will, fill out surveys.  To fill out a survey, go to:


Videos and Photos Requested


Please send links to video taken during the flow studies to 

Following are links to Canyon Creek video and South Yuba photos:


Canyon Creek video and writeup:

Jolly Boys and Golden Quartz writeup and photos:

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