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2001 Ohiopyle Falls Race Goes Off Without a Hitch

Posted: 10/02/2001
by David Knox

The 2001 Ohiopyle Falls Race once again demonstrated just how fun and safe the Ohiopyle falls really are for experienced paddlers. Thanks to Joe Braden for countless hours of planning, and to all of the volunteers who made this event possible. Top finishers in the race were Steve Kauffman in a wildwater boat, and Maria Kallman dominated the women. Also featured was a "freestyle" event in which competitors ignored most self-preservation instincts and hucked themselves from the falls in all sorts of ways, with the event being won by Eric Quigley for his 180 degree kickflip off the lip of the falls.
Spectators and paddlers alike signed letters of petition to the PA DCNR requesting that the falls be opened year-round. By the end of the weekend, American Whitewater was armed with approximately 430 individual letters to take to the superintendent of parks. Way to go!

See the complete results of the race and freestyle event.

What next? The PA-DNCR has just denied our request for regular access to Ohiopyle Falls. AW is rallying boaters to strengthen our position as we take the next steps on the Ohiopyle and other rivers where access issues are heating up.

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