Volunteers Help AW Maintain Upper Yough Access Site (MD)

Posted: 08/05/2002
by Jason Robertson

In late July, American Whitewater volunteer, board member, and safety guru Charlie Walbridge arranged the delivery and distribution of gravel at the Upper Yough's Sang Run access point. Several volunteers have also helped mow the grass and pick up trash this summer.

American Whitewater maintains this site with the help of our volunteers under a cooperative agreement with the state of Maryland. Toilet rental, maintenance overhead and other expenses are paid for with visitor donations.

AW began managing the site in 2001 as an alternative to state management, which required the payment of mandatory visitor fees. We calculated that we could maintain and manage the site for about $800 a year; whereas the state required $8000 a year. Thus far, on-site donations have barely covered our costs. If you are interested in continuing to secure free access to the Upper Yough, we encourage you to make a voluntary donation the next time you visit, or via the web.