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April 4 2015 (1349 days ago)
Please delete -gw
April 15 2012 (2433 days ago)
As of 4-13 the wood has been cleared. Thank you to the group who took the effort to cut out the
May 31 2009 (3483 days ago)
Jake ZywickeDetails
The range of flows should be adjusted for gauge. 5260 cfs (5/31/09), is most certainly not on the
lower side of recommended. It is much more like the upper side of recommended. Flows over 3500 turn
the Mad Mile into an almost continuous rapid. This section is completely runnable by competent
class IV boaters at extremely high flows. If you don't mind technical low-water, this section can
be run year-round. It would be nice if this gauge could be updated.
May 9 2008 (3870 days ago)
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This is a great river with a little something for everyone. New boaters can take out just above the
bridge and skip the Mad Mile section but still have a good time. At high levels some rapids wash
out but those that don't get big and make up for it. coming into the 2008 season things are looking
great. if you haven't heard we got assaulted with snow all winter and there is still much snow in
the higher elevations . Though it has been a slow start so far due to so much late season snow the
river is slowly starting to come up and all us locals are looking foward to a raging whitewater
season. the mad Mile is the funnest section and worth running multiple times in a day.
July 27 2007 (4157 days ago)
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new online whitewater guide for montana area paddling - check it out!
June 10 2006 (4569 days ago)
wes heustessDetails
This section is a local favorite of Gallatin Valley paddlers. It can be stompy at high flows and
even at the lowest flows is a great backyard run. Play spots are scattered through out at all
August 15 2004 (5233 days ago)
Chris KellyDetails
I paddled everything from Moose Flats to the Church Camp between 8/1/04 and 8/5/04. The levels
varied from 470 to about 650 cfs.
There is enough water at these levels to have an enjoyable time. The Mad Mile, including House
Rock, is a whole lot of fun even at these lower levels. Above and below are several miles of class
II water. The best section was from Greek Creek to
Storm Castle access.
Boaters who are in the Bozeman (kewl town!) area ought to get on the Galatin.
I hope local folks will post something about this river at higher levels. Chris Kelly