Jeff Paine

Phone: 828-398-0321
Although an avid whitewater enthusiast today, Jeff started his paddling career quite by accident during his studies at the University of Connecticut. At the time one of his friends had injured his shoulder and Jeff was presented with a surplus of free boating gear to use and another friend who was out his former boating buddy. With the encouragement and instruction of his new paddling partner, it wasn't long before Jeff discovered a love for whitewater he still has to this day.

Later in his collegiate career, and despite these improbable whitewater beginnings, he became the President of the UConn Kayaking Club and set his sights on introducing as many students to the joys of whitewater as possible. After graduating from UConn with honors and degrees in both Business Management and Economics, Jeff went on to join the Whitewater Intensive Leadership Development program, or WILD. The WILD program lasted over 90 days, covering 20 different rivers, and wound through three different countries (Canada, USA, and Mexico). During this time Jeff received a number of official certifications including Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Wilderness First Responder, Raft Guide, and Kayak Instructor. Upon completion of the WILD program Jeff traveled to Chile to ply his craft on the big water challenges of the Futaleufú river as a kayak instructor and safety kayaker.

Now back in the states, Jeff joins the AW team combining his whitewater and business backgrounds in the pursuit of protecting our rivers. When he's not kayaking Jeff enjoys photography, martial arts training, racing dirtbikes, and motorcycle riding.


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