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Adam Hackenberg
181 Kingsland Way
Piedmont, SC 29673
Phone: (864)-845-5622

Report - Reports by Adam Hackenberg

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.


When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
> 10 years West Fork of the Pigeon [NC] Put-in 430 cfs Adam Hackenberg
> 10 years Cullasaja [NC] Over the lip of the second waterfall 3.17 Adam Hackenberg
> 10 years Pigeon, West Fork [NC] Garden of the Gods n/a Adam Hackenberg
> 10 years Little Eastatoe [SC] hitting the reactionary wave Med-high Adam Hackenberg
> 10 years Reedy Cove Creek [SC] slides right above Twin Falls 1 Adam Hackenberg
> 10 years Little Eastatoe [SC] green wave low Adam Hackenberg
> 10 years Chauga [SC] Chauga Narrows Falls n/a Adam Hackenberg
> 10 years Little (Fr.Broad trib) [NC] Middle of Schizophrenia n/a Adam Hackenberg



Detail Trip Report  Put-in  West Fork of the Pigeon, NC(107.89KB .jpeg)

Slide Time

Detail Trip Report  Slide Time  West Fork of the Pigeon, NC(104.52KB .jpeg)

Log Sieve Rapid

Detail Trip Report  Log Sieve Rapid  West Fork of the Pigeon, NC(169.54KB .jpeg)

Log Sieve Waterfall

Detail Trip Report  Log Sieve Waterfall  West Fork of the Pigeon, NC(86.84KB .jpeg)


Detail Trip Report  Caveboy  West Fork of the Pigeon, NC(98.88KB .jpeg)

3 clean runs of Suddy

Detail Trip Report  3 clean runs of Suddy  Big Laurel Creek, NC(5.35MB .wmv)

Kayak Killer @ 200 cfs

Detail Trip Report  Kayak Killer @ 200 cfs  Eastatoe Creek, Lower Gorge, SC(6.74MB .wmv)

below Cascade Lake

Detail Trip Report  below Cascade Lake  Little (Fr.Broad trib), NC(1.04MB .wmv)


Detail Trip Report  BLD  Davidson, NC(7.40MB .wmv)


Detail Trip Report  Landbridge  Toxaway River, NC(421.61KB .jpeg)

Twin Falls (Reedy Cove Falls)

Detail Trip Report  Twin Falls (Reedy Cove Falls)  Reedy Cove Creek, SC(1.73MB .jpeg)

ledges on RCC

Detail Trip Report  ledges on RCC  Reedy Cove Creek, SC(1.62MB .jpeg)

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