Robert Gregory
Benton, AR

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
> 10 years Gulpha Creek [AR] Class II Rapid on Gulpha Creek High Robert Gregory
> 10 years Saline, Middle Fork (upper) [AR] Middle Fork (upper) of the Saline River Near Minimum Robert Gregory
> 10 years Fiddlers Creek [AR] The Cutback 4.4 Robert Gregory
> 10 years Trace Creek [AR] Conway Meacham at Micro Blockhead 12 inches Robert Gregory


Class II Rapid on Gulpha Creek  Gulpha Creek , AR (125.96KB .jpeg)

The Cutback  Fiddlers Creek , AR (30.90KB .jpeg)

Middle Fork (upper) of the Saline River  Saline, Middle Fork (upper) , AR (40.94KB .jpeg)

Middle Fork below Iron Springs  Saline, Middle Fork (upper) , AR (2.20KB .jpeg)

Conway Meacham at Micro Blockhead  Trace Creek , AR (253.18KB .bmp)