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Kevin Colburn
Missoula, MT
Phone: 406-543-1802
Kevin has been an avid whitewater boater for over 15 years, and has paddled rivers and creeks in almost every state with gradient. Raised in Pennsylvania, Kevin moved south to attend the University of North Carolina at Asheville where he earned a undergraduate degree in environmental studies, with an emphasis on field ecology. While at UNCA, Kevin co-founded the UNCA Paddling Club and avidly explored the regional steep creeks both on foot and in a kayak. Shortly after graduation Kevin headed west to the University of Montana to get a masters degree in environmental studies that was focused on stream restoration and ecology. Montana proved an excellent base to paddle wild multi-day rivers, and to playboat on the Clark Fork and Lochsa. In 2001, Kevin was hired as AW's Eastern Conservation and Access Associate to tackle several tough dam relicensings and other projects across the east. Based in Asheville again, Kevin quickly developed a skill set focused on river management, negotiation skills, natural resource law, and regulated river restoration. Kevin became AW's National Stewardship Director in 2005, and now lives in Missoula, MT.

Report - Reports by Kevin Colburn

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.


When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
15d06h53m @Forney Creek Trailside [NC] Forney Creek n/a Kevin Colburn
33d03h02m @Glacier Creek Trailside [MT] Chris on Glacier Creek n/a Kevin Colburn
67d03h44m @Brush Creek to French Broad River [NC] Brush Creek a good level Kevin Colburn
121d07h43m @Nolichucky Poplar N.C. to Nolichucky Gorge Campground (Erwin, TN) Nolichucky APES Raft Trip 1800 cfs Kevin Colburn
171d04h17m @Rosebud Creek, East Lake to Sand Dunes Campground [MT] East Rosebud Scenery n/a Kevin Colburn
171d04h20m @Rosebud Creek, East Lake to Sand Dunes Campground [MT] Scrambling on East Rosebud n/a Kevin Colburn
171d04h21m @Rosebud Creek, East Lake to Sand Dunes Campground [MT] Eddy on East Rosebud n/a Kevin Colburn
178d05h40m @Clear Creek 3- from 2 miles above to 1/2 mile below Buffalo [WY] Account of 08/02/18 too low to run Kevin Colburn
193d04h44m @Rock Creek (Bitterroots) Above Lake Como [MT] 2018 on Rock Creek low runnable level Kevin Colburn
226d06h32m @Roaring Fork 02. Slaughterhouse Summer Slaughterhouse low runnable level Kevin Colburn
228d06h58m @Spotted Bear River Big Bill Mountain to the South Fork [MT] Spotted Bear a good level Kevin Colburn
247d04h39m @South Fork Mills River Pink Beds to Turkey Creek. [NC] South Mills River Roadless Run n/a Kevin Colburn
247d09h17m @Chattooga Section 3 - Earls Ford to Route 76 Bridge Chattooga River Management Society Trip 5.00 ft Kevin Colburn
280d02h10m @Spring Creek Route 1171 to NC Route 209 in Hot Springs Spring Creek low runnable level Kevin Colburn
305d02h32m @Flathead Buffalo Rapids: Kerr Dam to County Road Bridge [MT] Rafting on Buffalo Rapids! n/a Kevin Colburn
313d04h04m @Piney River Play Park [TN] Minimum Flow for Piney Play Park n/a Kevin Colburn
332d15h14m @Hiwassee 1. Turtletown Creek to Appalachia Powerhouse [TN] Hiwassee Dries @ 1650cfs a good level Kevin Colburn
345d02h49m @Hazel Creek Appalachian Trail to Fontana Lake. [NC] Hazel Creek Hike Up 850 cfs Kevin Colburn
1y39d07h17m @Big Laurel Creek Hurricane to Hot Springs Big Laurel 0 cfs Kevin Colburn
1y39d07h17m @Cheoah Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake Boat Launch Bear Cr. 0 cfs Kevin Colburn

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Take Out Parking

Detail Trip Report  Take Out Parking  @Weber 06. Scrambled Egg Bend to 89, (6.49MB .jpeg)

Under the Bridge

Detail Trip Report  Under the Bridge  @Weber 06. Scrambled Egg Bend to 89, (6.32MB .jpeg)

Take Out Road

Detail Trip Report  Take Out Road  @Weber 06. Scrambled Egg Bend to 89, (6.22MB .jpeg)

Weber Dam Upstream

Detail Trip Report  Weber Dam Upstream  @Weber 06. Scrambled Egg Bend to 89, (7.44MB .jpeg)

Weber Dam

Detail Trip Report  Weber Dam  @Weber 06. Scrambled Egg Bend to 89, (6.16MB .jpeg)

Final Bends

Detail Trip Report  Final Bends  @Forney Creek Trailside, NC(7.41MB .jpeg)

Tricky Ledge

Detail Trip Report  Tricky Ledge  @Forney Creek Trailside, NC(2.73MB .jpeg)

Synchronized boating

Detail Trip Report  Synchronized boating  @Forney Creek Trailside, NC(6.79MB .jpeg)


Detail Trip Report  Laughrafting  @Forney Creek Trailside, NC(6.35MB .jpeg)

Spotted Bear

Detail Trip Report  Spotted Bear  @Spotted Bear River Big Bill Mountain to the South Fork, MT(5.35MB .jpeg)

Chris on Glacier Creek

Detail Trip Report  Chris on Glacier Creek  @Glacier Creek Trailside, MT(2.84MB .jpeg)

Crystal White

Detail Trip Report  Crystal White  @Swan River Crystal Lake to Lindburgh Lake, MT(2.66MB .jpeg)

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